Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HTC One (M8) Dot Matrix Case

The new HTC One M8 was released internationally on March 15 and will be coming to America's T-Mobile, AT&T, and etc. on April 11th.
The new HTC One is better than it's predecessor in every way- even it's cases.

A new first-party case made by HTC has come out, appropriately named the "Dot Matrix Case".

Image taken from tctechcrunch- check them out!

If you are familiar with Apple's smart cover for the iPad, then you may like the Dot Matrix Case.
The case has a bunch of holes, allowing light from the display to seep through and create an awe-inspiring case.

One it, it displays the time, weather, and temperature- though you can change it to show battery life.

When someone calls you, you can swipe up on the case itself, and you can talk without ever flipping open the case. Notifications are also displayed.

One con about the case though, it that when you flip it open, it tends to shut itself, and that can be annoying for people. Also, when you flip the front of the cover to the back, for one handed use, it doesn't lay itself flat at the bottom of the phone, as the HTC One has a curve to it's aluminum uni-body.
It will rest at an angle.

You can double tap on the case to wake the phone up, and also, it doesn't have any magnets in it, but when you open it, it triggers the display to wake up, and when you close it, the display turns off.

By swiping down, you can also use HTC's voice command, though not quite as impressive as Apple's Siri or Google Now, it's still a force to be reckoned with.

Overall Rating: 8.5

-Able to pick up phone calls without having to see the display.
-Has touch capacities.
-Displays notifications, weather, time, temperature, and battery percentage.
-Can activate voice commands.

-Closes by itself.
-Doesn't sit flat on the bottom of the HTC One.

All in all, even with these few cons, I really recommend this product, and some of you will be more than pleased by it. Pick one up at Amazon, or your local electronics store.

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  1. Its smooth curving back making it feel sleeker than it is and feels amazingly right-sized in your one case